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Meet Misty Plott

Meet the Silversmith



Ed Barbula, Silversmith
Misty Plott-Barbula, Artist


Shooting Star Earring with Turquoise

Shooting Star Hammered Earring
with Turquoise

Thunderbird Earring with Turquoise

Thunderbird Earring
with Turquoise

Rawhide Earring with Lapis

Rawhide Earring with Lapis

Wyoming Black Jade Earring

Fetish Bear Earring with
Wyoming Green Jade

Each piece is hand crafted and custom designed.
Please allow for slight variations.
Please allow 2 - 3 weeks for delivery.

Please call 307-672-0124 to order

e-mail Ed

We gladly accept Mastercard

We will Customize all Jewelry
Specify your own design and stones
We will use Your own Elk Ivory if Requested

We gladly accept Visa

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