Misty's natural art ability has inspired a lifelong quest to understand the nature of creativity.

Her inward journey through the mysteries of mental imagineering led her to study brain and sound wave technology, biofeedback research, hypnosis, meditation, philosophy, religions, and spiritual belief systems from around the globe. These studies have aided her ability to sense or feel the essence of her subject and then express it symbolically through her watercolor paintings.

Subject matter is wide-ranging, including mindscapes, fantasy, florals, landscapes and architecture. She is a signing and charter member of the Wyoming Watercolor Society. Misty has served as president of the Wyoming Artists' Association and Wyoming Watercolor Society.  She is a member of the Montana Watercolor Society.

Misty teaches classes in the Art of Creativity, Traditional and Non-Traditional Watercolor through her Blazing Brushes Studio as well as workshops nationally.

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